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ELAPRASE Access & Support

Shire is here to help your patients with access to their ELAPRASE (idursulfase) therapy. That’s why we’ve introduced the OnePath® support center.

With one toll-free call to 1-866-888-0660, your patients can get information about ELAPRASE coverage and reimbursement.

Support for Patients

Product Support for Your Patients with OnePath

If you have a patient with Hunter syndrome you understand the challenges of managing this serious lysosomal storage disorder. That’s why we provide OnePath, a valuable resource designed to provide your patients with comprehensive product support for ELAPRASE. OnePath shares your commitment to Hunter syndrome patients and provides them with a variety of resources.

How OnePath helps

  • Provides streamlined product support through a Case Manager who is dedicated to assisting patients with many aspects of their therapy
  • Works with insurance providers to verify coverage
  • Provides assistance with the prior authorization process, such as providing sample letters of medical necessity
  • Works with specialty pharmacies to facilitate treatment access
  • Helps answer questions related to access to therapy
  • Refers patients to additional support services, if needed

Getting started is easy

All you have to do is fill out the OnePath Start Form and ask your patient to review and sign it. Then fax it to OnePath at 1-888-990-0008. After we receive the form, a OnePath case manager will work directly with you, your staff, and your patient to help with product access and your patient’s specific reimbursement needs. While patients do not need to sign up to get access to ELAPRASE, they will need to do so to have access to OnePath services.

Call OnePath

Our case managers are ready to assist your patient. Simply have your patient call 1-866-888-0660.

Questions on how your patients can gain access to Elaprase?

Have them contact OnePath® and get connected with a Case Manager.

Call: 1-866-888-0660

(M-F 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM ET)

Visit OnePath.com to learn more


How Does

ELAPRASE is designed to replace I2S, the enzyme that is deficient or absent in people with Hunter syndrome.


Questions About

Contact OnePath® for personalized support, insurance help, co-pay assistance, education and more.


Important Forms
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Access our directory of helpful ELAPRASE resources for patients and families.